Our Partners


7 Jahre 3 Monate ago
We are proud to announce that Air Canada and Rolf C. Hagen Inc. have offered their support and become sponsors of the German Gala Ball on May 2. Henkell & Co. Group is the sponsor of the cocktail before the ball. Enercon Canada and Mobilia are silver sponsors for the event. Weiterlesen ...
7 Jahre 5 Monate ago
The German Gala Ball is approaching. With tickets going on sale by end of January 2015, we are offering this year a Valentine’ Special of 450 $ for two regular ti Weiterlesen ...
7 Jahre 5 Monate ago
Preparations for the 2015 German Gala Ball have begun. The Ball will be opened by a classical Waltz featuring debutants and their partners.Are you a motivated, engaged and between 16 and 25? We are still looking for several partners for the debutantes. Weiterlesen ...

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